Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Valentine Letter for my Husband.

Maybe you have experienced it - the delight that comes with writing into a Valentine card. There's something about its rich texture, clean and red printing that proclaims "Quality." But what top most is my zest of expressing my love to my husband in a card which I am proud to make it known to the public. Here's is my Valentine letter for him.

My life Cliff,

It's amazing to know that I have been loved unconditionally. No matter what, you're always there for me. Your love, kindness and generosity inspire me every day. I'll always think, How would he deal with this?, How would he look at this situation? And I know it's always about caring for me and for other persons - both our families, friends and the people around us.

When I met you, I knew God is never wrong. He gave me you. Though we experience little arguments but in an instant we quickly settle them.

You are so beautiful and your presence lights up my room. Yes! It does! I believe that it's the inner beauty that unite us together, the glow that magnifies us both.

I love you and for the rest of my life, I'm totally, wholeheartedly, devotedly yours. No storms could ever separate me to you because I know God let me born for you.

I love you everyday!

Your love and life,


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