Thursday, March 15, 2012

Jessica Elizabeth Sanchez: Proud of her (with Filipina blood)

I have known this talented girl at first as I have seen her performance on the American Idol which she sang my favorite Whitney Houston’s song entitled, “I Will Always Love You”. In that moment, I couldn’t stop reading details of this girl. I am proud of her especially that she has a Filipina blood, her mother who is from Bataan, Philippines. Then, I said that this girl will surely shine.

Being in the US, and me, being an Filipino-American citizen now, I am much impressed and more proud whenever my fellow Filipinos excel in their fields of dreaming and striving to rise for believing in their hearts that they can do it. The life of Jessica is impressive. She never loses grip to reach and achieve what she really wanted in life. Now, she is in the next stop to stardom and I know that this little girl will reach far more in life.

Of the successes of Charice Pempengco, Manny Pacquiao and now, Jessica Elizabeth Sanchez makes me very proud as a Filipino-American. I know that all of them waited for a long time and hope for more until they already reach the peak of their success.

Proud of you Jessica Sanchez!

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