Saturday, March 31, 2012

David is playing with the wipes.

Growing is best through experience and that experience should not always be sophisticated. Simple thing as playing with the wipes is a vibrant accomplishment for my baby David. This growth is part of his learning.

David is happily taking out the wipes from its placement. And Mama neither Papa don't care if they will buy more wipes for David's simple way of motivating his growth in learning how to pull and take out things as big smiles and laughters dominate the entire house.

So simple but this experience donates a big part of his small world of his own. It is so, because David is just a baby.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Girls Pajamas: Comforts in sleeping healthy

Wearing the right clothing for the right occasion builds comfort and confidence. And girl pajamas brilliantly vests you with the comforts like no other. 

Pajamas bring big use and an important role in everyone’s active life, for without it, you could not build a healthy sleeping habit that brings comforts for you and your loved ones.

I admit that I had this wonderful feeling of sleep because of my pajamas and whenever I can’t have them, I feel disappointed and shattered. Without them, I can’t sleep well.

That is why, girls pajamas indeed defines the proper way to sleep and grow healthy. It is not just in foods that we can perfectly attain a healthy lifestyle in balancing rest and sleep.

It is all in pajamas!

How my Baby changed my life

Every life is a gift. Every breath is a treasured life. Every human being is unique.

Before, life seems so boring. It is unlucky. It is so monotonous. All are static. It defines no more goals. It displays less dreams. I was in the verge of being silent and alone. I am just simply believing in fleeting the time of change into a time of new adventure, a time which I know now what it is to live. I am that endowed with great sense that I love to live my life with them, my loving husband, Cliff and my son, David.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Heading to the Philippines

It is to pursue my dream, to be a nurse that made me decided that I go back to the Philippines to continue studying nursing.

Taking care of my baby David and to my husband, Cliff makes me do my utmost plan to pursue my dream. David is now 1 year old and my decision to attend to be in school to earn a degree is what I really like so that I can have a good job that could support my family’s welfare as soon as I can come back here in the US. This decision is tough, but for the sake of my family, I will do it.

Flying to the Philippines, I am happy to see my family there too. I miss them so much and I know that there are lots of more stories to tell as I will reach there. I miss to eat Filipino food and I miss my friends and Filipino’s hospitality. Philippines is just a poor country, but it’s the way how the people smile and being hospitable is what I like. Indeed, it is great to be back in the Philippines.

Aiming my plan and making my dreams come true is what I really want to do. This all are for my family and for their future. I know God will guard me all the way. God will sustain me of this dream. God will protect us from our journey.

God makes miracles.

I feel the worry of the parents whose 9-year-old son is suffering from an allergy (not an ordinary allergy), but an allergy that lets him not to eat all kinds of food, eosinophilic esophagitis, as what the news said.

Joshua is suffering from the serious disease that could harm his life. News added that Joshua gets most of his nutrients through a formula prescribed by his doctor, and through a feeding tube in his stomach.

I took pity of this boy. What would happen to him? How can he be able to live without food intake? What if he will suffer so much pain? These questions linger on my mind.

What I did is just to pray for this little boy’s life, that may God will help him totally cure his disease. I know that God will make a miracle for this boy’s life.

There are lots of cases of serious health problems that people are suffering everyday. And I believe that prayer is the best armor for all healing. Medicines are instruments that is given to God to help us become okay and to prolong our life here on Earth. But the most powerful source of all strength is prayer, to trust God that everything will go back to its normal pace.

For Joshua, I know that our God is a great God. I know that God will help you as you go on living with that kind of struggle. Time comes that you will be totally okay.

Friday, March 23, 2012

About Karim Ladki: Paraplegic woman goes bungee jumping

I am inspired by the courage and determination by Karim Ladki who confidently made everyone’s adrenaline higher as she goes bungee jumping in spite of her condition (paraplegic).

I realized that even she has a dream to make things happen even though she is a handicap. This simply implies that we can do all things possible in this world. We, who are completely and totally okay has the sole right of every happiness that we can do. Though Karim is suffering from a C7 vertebrae fracture, according to reports, but still, she is courageous to show to the world that she can do the things that others find impossible for her to achieve.

What courage can do to life is simple to erase the impossibilities and make everything worthwhile. This kind of story reflects that there is no impossibles in this world. People should just believe and trust that we can do it for sure. And this woman just did.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Good Posture

What is meant by good posture? How can we have good posture? What are we going to do in order to attain healthy bones for a healthy life? How can we be productive because of having good posture?

Study reveals that posture is the position of bearing of the body and good posture means that the body is held in the correct position when standing, sitting and lying down or in motion.

What are the ideal good postures then in standing, sitting and lying down or even when we are in motion?

I have recalled what my professor said in our Physical Education that good posture is essential in the development of physical fitness. I have remembered what he is telling us when I was still schooling before that in order for a person to attain a good standing, walking and sitting position, one must follow these important things:

A good standing posture:
1. Chin should be parallel to the floor.
2. Feet parallel, toes pointed forward.
3. Rib cage lifted, tummy in and shoulder relaxed.
4. Bars above the middle of the shoulder.
5. Arms should be at the side of the body.

The Mechanics of Walking
1. Assume a good standing posture, toes pointed forward, walk in two parallel lines, one for the right foot and one for the left foot.
2. The weight of the body falls on the heel of the foot fist and then it rolls to the balls of the foot.
3. Swing arms moderately forward and backward.
4. Knees slightly flexed.

The Mechanics for Sitting
1. With your back toward the chair, place one foot under the chair.
2. Bend trunk slightly forward and reach for the back chair.

Indeed, faulty posture is not a good indication of a healthy living and a better outlook in life.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bottle Feeding

Bottle feeding must be given to your babies after you breastfeed them. I introduced bottle feeding to my baby when he was 8 months until now that he is 1 year old.

To bottle feed is this simple. I will share you some important things for you to do.

*Hold the baby unless contradicted. If the baby cannot be removed from the crib, sit by him and elevate the head and shoulders.
*Observe the kind and amount of formula in the bottle.
*Let a few drops of milk fall on the anterior aspect of your forearm to test the temperature and the nipple hole if droplets of milk can pass through.
*Do not hold the nipple.
*Hold the bottle so that nipple is full of formula.
*Burp the baby halfway through the feeding and the end of the feeding.
*The feeding should take 15 to 20 minutes. Do not rush the baby.
*Place him on his abdomen or on side-lying position to promote digestion and prevent regurgitation and aspiration.

How to take care of a 1 year old baby

I have an obsession of observing my baby David as he grows and develops everyday. I am very amused and indeed happy to witness all his firsts encounters in this world, his first yawn, first steps, first cries, first smiles, etc. I love seeing those moments.

As David is 1 year old now, I have observed progress in his development. This is what Sigmund Freud studies that reveals about the Principles of Growth and Development as an Infant which is the Oral Stage, which means that my baby as 1 year old, obtains satisfaction by taking everything in and to Erick Erickson, it is the moment that my baby builds Trust vs. Mistrust which specifically defined by Erickson that it is transmitted through material care satisfaction that if need is met, trust is developed and if not, there is what we call babies’ lost of trust to their parents or guardians.

Clearly, I have observed manifestations in the growth of my David right now. Sometimes, I am very angry to him every time he makes gestures of putting everything in his mouth. I am afraid if he will eat minute objects. That, I don’t want to happen.

When it comes to his speaking skill, even though that he can’t speak and understand what I said, I know that the first moment I talk to my baby, I have observed that he gradually build understanding of the words for I believe that there are some moments that when I communicate with him, he shows gestures which I found that he is responding to what I say in actions. The sounds and tones indeed provide the building blocks of the words. As a result, my David is listening to me. On the other hand, I am also listening to the sounds David makes. What we just did is like we are building communication like I am talking and he is listening, vice versa.

David understands simple directions. He is trying out many new words. He is putting two or three words together that I seem to understand that he wants to say. And of course, he loves and enjoys listening to stories and rhymes. There is always the attachment between the two of us.

Now that my baby is already recognizing me as his mother and his father as Daddy as well, I have observed that he worries about losing us. He cries loudly when I leave home for work, even if someone is there to distract his attention and offer comfort, still he cries out loud. I have felt that it is a traumatic feeling in the part of David when I left home for work because he can’t stand without me at his side. Thus, I often say to him that I will be going for work. Even though he show cries, but I try to explain to him. I know in this way, time comes that he will feel secured as he forms his understanding of the situation.

When it come to his physical development, David can stand upright, taking his first solo steps. He is able to cruise about the room by holding into furniture or object. He now has 8 teeth (upper and lower).

My husband and I give him simple, easily handled toys. They are safe with no sharp points or removable parts, stimulating, washable and non-lead paint. His toys are of mobiles, rattles, musical toys, squeeze toys and sponge toys, balls and blocks. These toys are best in order to develop his sensorimotor growth.

I understand that David is in a separation anxiety stage. That is why, it is improper to leave him. It is our great responsibilities as parents to embrace him with love and care especially in this stage that he needs us to be always at his side.

When it comes to his food, I introduce foods one at a time, like for example, in this week, I will give him marshed veggy of one kind. I know that I should introduce another kind of the next week after I introduced this marshed veggy food. Of course, there should be no sweets. Chocolates can cause allergies and broken teeth. I also buy commercial rice because it is high in iron content which my David need for his growth. Commercial rice can easily be digested as well. Mothers should know that trained/cooked veggies are introduced before fruits. Fruits contain low iron content. Start with mashed banana. Egg yolk are not good for him because at his age, I am sure it can cause allergies. I introduced chewable and finger foods now that he begins teething. I absolutely avoid nuts, raisins, popcorn, gum, candy and hotdog for David because it is too early for him to have those kind of solid food that he is just 1.

Moreover, I let him begin to handle spoon and finger food and to use cups. I want him to know how to drink independently. Sometimes I worry on the choice of milk, containing wheat, corn and soy (protein gluten), egg white, chocolate and citrus food because I think it can cause allergies on him. What I did to my David is to introduce singular addition of food, that is , one food at a time per week).

I avoid propping bottles. I kept small objects out of reach. I checked toys for small parts of sharp edges. I kept plastic bags away. I don’t use baby powder for David. I do not cover mattress or pillows with plastic. I only use firm mattress, no pillows and loose blankets. Of course, it is not good to tie pacifier on string around infant’s neck, remove bib at bedtime.

But most of all, I never leave David on elevated surface unattended. I keep cribs rails up. When in doubt about where to place child, use the floor. Avoid using high chair that is old enough to sit alone.

I hope Mothers out there, I have helped you on how to take care of your baby. We, mothers, only want to the best for our baby and these simple tips that I have shared are so important for his growth.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Adele’s 21

"Rolling in the Deep," "Someone Like You" and "Set Fire To The Rain" are some of the songs that I like from Adele’s 21. And the most that I can relate into is her “Someone Like You”.

I can relate myself in this song because I have gone through much pain about love before which I can see similarities in Adele’s love story. It is really true that when a person has gone through the deepest pain, it will bloom of his best. This is what I have seen and observed in most of the songs of Adele. The accumulated pain that she is bearing and even striving to get away with because of love makes her deeply strong and more enthusiastic to go on with life even the scar is there. And for me, I believe that there is a time for healing. Time can just tell when. That is exactly what life is all about.

Adele is a super-talented, kindhearted and even a humorous person as I have witnessed in her live shows that she drops a joke and what comes in her mind, she will surely give it a blow. A loving person like her doesn’t deserve to be hurt. She doesn’t deserve to be disrespected. I know that there will come a time for Adele to be happy. Probably the man she ever fell in-love with is not really meant for her, that a more deserving man for her love will dwell in her arms in the future.

People like me, like us, have this point in life that we pause for many times and wonder why it happened or why it is going to be in that way. We are normally revolving in the twist of life and the turns of it. But no matter how painful it is, people are we are capable to survive. We have the initial action to ease ourselves and how are we going to manage our feelings. Oftentimes hardships in relationships and breakups happen for a purpose, with a purpose. Love itself is not always a happy ending. Trials and in fact, tribulations test us for many times.

For Adele, there is always that sunshine after the rain. And I believe that there is. Me, I am happily attaining the best in life now after the pains. Life is indeed worth living for.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Prince Harry: Feeling the pressure (Royal Family)

There are lots of pressures for all people. In fact, we have different pressures. For some, they are pressured of school life. Others are pressured on their business world while some are pressured on love. But for Harry, he said, “There's a lot of times that both myself and my brother wish, obviously, that we were just completely normal.”

According to the news that speculates this week, it is hard for Harry to live a royal life. This, I find that he is feeling the pressure of being the son of the royal family of Prince Charles and the late-Princess Diana as his royal-blood parents with Prince William as his brother. 

Harry too finds it hard for a potential serious girlfriend to put up with his royal role. He said it would be difficult to find someone willing to take on the challenge. 

For them, Harry and Prince William, the life of being in the royal family is indeed of higher expectations. They are the ones who will rule their country and defend from any havoc. The protection and welfare of their fellowmen are their major task. 
Indeed, the pressure of what Harry is feeling is intense because he is worrying much about his life that he prefers to live a normal life, like us, ordinary persons. The countless schedules of meetings and important events, the high expectations, the presence of paparazzi everywhere 24/7 is like of no privacy and no breathes. But again, they belong to the royal blood. Plus, the love life of Harry, how will it be? Probably, being the son of the highest and most respected royal family, girls will just dream and dream of Harry. Now, Harry is feeling the pressure and the worry I think. 

The expectations as I see it and the personal life matters top the reason why Harry uttered such statements. I can see that he wants freedom out from the super-tight royalty life. Who would have felt him? If you are Harry, are you feeling the same? What do you think?

Charlize Theron, a kind-hearted person.

"There are so many unwanted children on this earth and it's our job to care for them. And if we don't, we're doing the world a disservice,” Charlize Theron said in an interview.

With this touching statement by Charlize, I can say that she is really a nice person. Yes, indeed, there are many homeless children without parents on their sides. They are unfortunate to have no Mom and Dad to call to. They are helpless, and they need our help. 

I was touched, moved and inspired by what Charlize is doing to adopt a healthy baby boy named Jackson. Reports said that Jackson was born in America and is of African-American descent. Single Charlize has really the pursuit to help.

With this act of concern shown by Charlize is a good example that people should care for each other. And this little Jackson is so lucky to have Charlize as his mother. I know that the little boy is in the hands of a kind-hearted and loving person who will surely take care of him for the rest of his life.

This world has a lot of more to give and for us to perform acts of love and concern. This world is indeed a ground to test us on how far are we going to show and give love. What Charlize has done is already a big revelation that she really cares for mankind. She has a kind heart and it shows how beautiful she is as a person. She is earth’s one of a kind!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mobile Computer Workstations: Simply amazing!

Transferring, indeed, a hassle and even hazardous, unless you have all the manpower in lifting. But in today’s generation, simpler and easiest plus fastest are the motives of living. All those power-three components can be all yours right at your office, in handling your computer unit. Thanks that mobile computer workstations understand our needs of accessing the computer world in an instant manner of transferring in meeting all our business needs. In fact, I simply have!

So great!

Jessica Elizabeth Sanchez: Proud of her (with Filipina blood)

I have known this talented girl at first as I have seen her performance on the American Idol which she sang my favorite Whitney Houston’s song entitled, “I Will Always Love You”. In that moment, I couldn’t stop reading details of this girl. I am proud of her especially that she has a Filipina blood, her mother who is from Bataan, Philippines. Then, I said that this girl will surely shine.

Being in the US, and me, being an Filipino-American citizen now, I am much impressed and more proud whenever my fellow Filipinos excel in their fields of dreaming and striving to rise for believing in their hearts that they can do it. The life of Jessica is impressive. She never loses grip to reach and achieve what she really wanted in life. Now, she is in the next stop to stardom and I know that this little girl will reach far more in life.

Of the successes of Charice Pempengco, Manny Pacquiao and now, Jessica Elizabeth Sanchez makes me very proud as a Filipino-American. I know that all of them waited for a long time and hope for more until they already reach the peak of their success.

Proud of you Jessica Sanchez!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Of being tall: Sultan Kosen (World’s Tallest Man)

 How does it feel to be tall? Are there no hindrances? How does Sultan Kosen manage to live his life out from his being tall? Does he live a normal life just like the others? Is there an edge for him to live a rich-filled life?

I have read about the life of Sultan Kosen who is known as the World’s Tallest Man by the Guinness Book of World Records who is weighting 8 feet and 3 inches tall. Wow! That indeed is a great height!

Extraordinarily embracing his identity as World’s Tallest Man finds me envious because eversince I want to be tall. That is my ultimate dream, as a matter of fact. But my hormones don’t blow such a height. Nevertheless, I am feeling good of being small. This is me. I wonder how Sultan Kosen ever lives his life because he is super tall.
As I read through the news today, I found out that Sultan Kosen is struggling for knee pain because of his weight. What makes him grow even taller? As what I have learned, when a person reaches late 20s, he will stop growing. But for Sultan Kosen, he is still growing even now that he is already 29 years old.
All my questions has been enlightened as I read further the news. It says that specialist performed surgery for Kosen’s pituitary gland which is responsible for growing. It is acromegaly or gigantism that caused Kosen’s unceasing growth. It has been said in the report that gigantism occurs when a pituitary tumor causes release of excessive growth hormone. This indeed, Kosen belongs to those some who are suffering from gigantism. 

I thought that Sultan Kosen has no more problems about his life because being tall, in how I view it, is an advantage everywhere he goes. There are lots of opportunities that he will be able to attain and many open doors will be for him.

That is when I have realized that we are made with a purpose. Our existence is something that God has ever plan ever since we are young, or since we are just in the womb of our mother.

Now, I thought, how can I live my life if I am Kosen? Would I be happier or regretful? Would I be neglected or cared for? Now I know why I am small.

Truss, Logo Floor Mats, Exhibit Booths, Trade Show Displays

In real business, one sort of a big deal is the right placement of information for people to know and be informed on what is the business all about. You got it right, it is the proper placement and the information that go along altogether. Thus, if this kind of simple but in-demand business strategy will be abandoned, taken for granted and even discarded, then it is too far for a business-minded person like you to be successful in the pursuit of your goal, to profit.

That is why, there is the presence of trade show displays that let people know about a product. There is what we also call as truss: which is the right place for banners and graphics. The logo floor mats which welcomes you into a home or establishment where you are in and most importantly, the exhibit booths that let you have your own space as you display items of the products you are going to exhibit in a place.

All these four are vital to your growing business. They are made with purpose for the people to know that such a product exist or for others to be informed of the products or services offered by a certain business firm or company.

If you are thinking about starting to build your own business, the sure way for you to rain with more blessings is to have accessible placements right at your door, right at your plan, right at your hand that it will not cover, hinder nor ruin you from promoting them. The game in business is about capturing the intention of the masses. It is not merely to just have the product and leave it there. In the real world of business, it is always important never to compromise the right placement for your products or services. What is essentially needed and a requirement is the solid, massive exposure of them (products) for in the right placement, all well be in the right business.

In real business, the right placements definitely matters!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Anthony Davis, Jr. and his eyebrows

Anthony Davis, Jr. got everything: 3-pointers, dribble the ball and going up and down the court faster than some of our guards, his long, looping strides and of course, not to mention his eyebrow.

At first I thought that he intentionally trim them. His eyebrow is a girly-thing. Frankly, when he plays, it is the first thing that I can recognize of him. I can’t get over looking at those brows. They are attractive. It makes him expressive to look at. It gives him the direct look on the face. And fans of him like me, maybe quite intimidated, distracted or pleased of those brows.

For me, the impressive Anthony Davis, Jr.’s lucky charm is his brows. Why? People are amused to it. Whenever he plays, they are the most that has been recognized of him. And when his name is uttered everytime in the game, I connote the name to his brows. That is true! Because of his attractive and expressive brows, I can’t get over this prominent player.

In life, there is what we call our lucky charm. Some probably rely on things but there are also many others out there that they find their eyes, nose, hands, feet, legs, hair, ears, feet, hands, head, body and even their brows their asset. How would you know that you have that kind of charms? You can feel it from the inside and the most that you find it recognizable is when the people will make you known that you have such kind of asset. First, you probably can’t recognize that you have the kind of asset, but others can tell that you have that kind of asset.

For Anthony Davis, Jr., I have seen that his brows are his great assets. Why? Mainly because he has a trademark that when his name is being mentioned, his brows initially be imprinted in the minds of the crowds, just like it carved on my mind too.

Have you also detect what makes you an asset to your family, career or people around you? Soon, you’ll discover them.

Selena Gomez: Who Says

 The moment I hear Selena Gomez’ “Who Says”, I can’t stop myself hearing her song all over again through my cd player. This girl is pretty amazing and her “Who Says” indeed reveals mankind empowerment. Her song perfectly uplifts every depression of the self to stand tall and be positive in life. That we can do all things possible - to be famous, to be beautiful, to be respected, to shine in every way and to be what we can be.

We have experienced the feeling of being down and maltreated in words and actions. We have gone through bullying and deep frustration for the world display discriminations. We have been in pains and hurts that demoralize our whole being. All these things are irritating and indeed negatively havoc us in many ways that we can’t do perfectly the things we want to do, that we can’t be able to stand for our right. But hearing the song of Selena Gomez’ “Who Says” builds me trust that I can stand among those bad persons, that I have the right to live a happy life. This makes me not to mind those predators but instead I will go on living life. I don’t care what they say. What is important that I do what is proper and pleasing in the eyes of God. Who cares anyway, I have every right to a beautiful life.

Who Says
by Selena Gomez

I wouldn't wanna be anybody else, hey
You made me insecure, to me I wasn't good enough
But who are you to judge
When you're a diamond in the rough

I'm sure you got some things
You'd like to change about yourself
But when it comes to me
I wouldn't want to be anybody else

I'm no beauty queen, I'm just beautiful me
You got every right to a beautiful life, come on

Who says, who says you're not perfect
Who says you're not worth it
Who says you're the only one that's hurting
Trust me that's the price of beauty
Who says you're not pretty
Who says you're not beautiful, who says?

It's such a funny thing
How nothing's funny when it's you
You tell 'em what you mean
But they keep whitin' out the the truth

It's like the work of art
That never get to see the light
Keep you beneath the stars
Won't let you touch the sky

I'm no beauty queen, I'm just beautiful me
You got every right to a beautiful life, come on

Who says, who says you're not perfect
Who says you're not worth it
Who says you're the only one that's hurting
Trust me that's the price of beauty
Who says you're not pretty
Who says you're not beautiful, who says?

Who says you're not star potential
Who says you're not presidential
Who says you can't be in movies
Listen to me, listen to me

Who says you don't pass the test
Who says you can't be the best
Who said, who said?
Would you tell me who said that, yeah
Who said

Who says, who says you're not perfect
Who says you're not worth it
Who says you're the only one that's hurting
Trust me that's the price of beauty
Who says you're not pretty
Who says you're not beautiful, who says?

Who says you're not perfect
Who says you're not worth it
Who says you're the only one that's hurting
Trust me that's the price of beauty
Who says you're not pretty
Who says you're not beautiful, who says?

Monday, March 12, 2012

Worrying about Retirement

Before, in my sweet moments of my teenage life, I spend luxuriously on personal belongings to make myself more beautiful and sexy. I can say that I have all the make-up, dresses, stylish shoes, colorful bags, etc. All those are superficial creations that I unceasingly grabbed and indeed, I have it all. I can shop anywhere and do what I want. Hanging out with friends is part of the leisure-thing and much more. Those times, I am a millionaire, feeling like a billionaire.

But things look different now. I wonder. Gone are those days that I have everything, but in just a wink, all are nothing. Now, I have to worry about the “real” life.

I find it quite different to settle in a country that is so systematic which I find uncommon to adapt. In my country, we had little, but all is well. But I think all is more well in this country.

In this foreign land which serves now as my home, I learn to be realistic. I need to save more for life. I need to be more workaholic in order to save. Discard all my numerous make-ups, extravagant dresses and shoes. I don’t need those expensive things now. What I am apt to now is to save for me, for my baby, for my family and not to mention, for the bills, bills and bills for life (which in fact, never-ending) and most of all for my retirement. Who would take care of me when I get old? Who would pay all my bills? That is the major worry that I have felt everyday. It seems like I carry that burden, thinking of what will I pay for my retirement and so on.

I need to cut expenses and concentrate more on saving, but not compromising the quality of life for my family. Now, I become reasonable. I need to initially activate my wit and hit my discipline to save, save and save more and work, work and work a lot.
It is unlike before that I just like floating, what comes around, just what goes around. But now, what comes around should seriously attend to. Worrying about retirement makes me like crazy. I can’t even sustain more for my family and how about my retirement? That is what I am really apt to until this time.

The main reason why I should worry about retirement:

First, who will take care of me when my strength is gone? I can’t do the task when I am old. When I get old, for sure, I will be the one who will work for my own. And if my energies will be lost, who will be the one to take care of me personally and physically? Who will sacrifice to take care of me?

Second, how can I save more cash? Look, I have my family and my baby to attend to. I have to pay the bills, bills and those unending bills everyday. I have to provide my child with good shelter, quality education and food. I can’t be able to exactly buy now the things for myself. Then, how can I save more for my retirement?

Third, if I can save for my retirement, does the money enough for my needs? If I can share portion of my salary to save for retirement, would it be enough for my retirement needs? For how long would I save for retirement? If I can save for just a minimal time for retirement, I hope that I will benefit still of the shares that I have saved. Can I still travel? Can I eat the right kind of food? Can I enjoy the happiness of life as I enjoyingly retire?

Fourth, who will benefit for my retirement? If and only if I die immediately without even enjoying the retirement stage, does my child will be benefited from it? I don’t want to die early without looking at my child’s success. I want to grow old and die old. I want to live happily and be with my children. But if ceasing incidents happen, I hope that my child will benefit from my retirement share.

Fifth, how much will I gain from my retirement? If I save early for retirement, of course, the amount of pay is large enough to sustain a long life. But what if I just save for meager months or year, would it be just that the amount that I intended to save for my retirement is those that I only get? What if I don’t have a permanent work, how can I pay for my retirement?

Indeed, life for me now is not the same as life I have before. It makes me conscious and aware that saving and giving a portion for retirement is indeed very important. What is essential are the tomorrows.

Trilastin: The best strecthmarks remover

 The moment I gave birth to my baby David, I thought stretch marks will not bring havoc to my perfect, young-looking skin. But it really does and I hate it. They rampantly spread at my stomach, thigh and my butt. I can’t anymore wear my bikini everytime my friends invite me for water adventure. I can’t anymore expose my beautiful body. This makes my life so irritating and indeed, disgusting.

Stretch marks downs me. It makes me look old and useless. I feel like I am the most rejected person in the world. I feel so isolated and deprived. I used to wear revealing outfit. Stretch marks ruin my life. They destroy my every day. Because of these stretch marks, I am losing my self-confidence. I can’t go on a day without worrying about what I should wear and what should be the perfect clothing to wear. Non-sexy dresses, shirts, shorts are not my time. I was born to wear comfortable, revealing outfit for all occasions. Thanks that all these recapitulated down moments are not endless. I find myself again because of Trilastin. It perfectly erases all my stretch marks. In fact, I am so happy that I can be able to do and wear what I really want.

That is why, if you have problems of stretch marks, then never regret its infliction. I know you just simply need the help of Trilastin. Just like me, you will soon attain the perfect happiness that I once lost and now I regain the vigor of happily exposing my beauty for the world to see and for my worth as an individual.

Never let stretch marks leave you old throughout your entire life. You always have the right to be beautiful. Do something about your stretch marks. I just did here: trilastin reviews.
For a life free from any bad stretching marks, only Trilastin can do it for you.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Taylor Swift sweeps others in the Billboard…

 There she goes again! The singing (what nationality) sensation of Teardrops on My Guitar, You Belong with Me, Forever and Always and much more of her popular songs, as famous as her. The prominent identity which I am referring here spells T A Y L O R Swift and she definitely sweeps the others.

Beautiful and demure Taylor Swift has been ranked as 1st in the Billboard’s Top Money Maker in 2011, reports said. She sweeps Lady Gaga, U2 and even Adele. Pretty amazing! Well, that is the price of her beauty and of course, her talent. I have noticed that Taylor really works hard for everything she has now and she deserves to have a lot in her singing career.

I have known the singer because of her “Teardrops of My Guitar “which moved me and lets me know about her life. Just like the others who gone through hard trials and pains before they are known to stardom, Taylor also went through many challenges in life. Before, she is known as nobody because a lot doesn’t believe that she has something to prove, that she has a talent. With all those trials, Taylor remain hopeful and even determined to lets the world know what she really likes, her guitar and the talent she has in singing. She is not just a pretty face. She is definitely an artist in her generation who has everything, beauty, talent and wit.

There are many kind of stories laid for every artists until they got their position now. Many went through extreme hard work. Many undergo discrimination and insults. Others surprisingly discovered what they really have. They are just enthusiastic, hopeful, determined, persevering, prayerful, optimistic to go on with their dreams that someday, sooner or later, they will flourish to fly and be discovered. And that what happens to Taylor Swift.

The very moment I have an eye of this lady, I know that she will definitely soar at the top because the extreme hardships she experienced before made her what she is right now. And for that, she deserves everything!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Charice’s New Look and Tattoo 2012

I love Charice. I love her voice and the person she becomes. But the latest news of her, she is in a “new” look, her hairdo and a tattoo too?!?

I was totally in shock. I never thought that she will remodel herself. What I have thought of Charice before is a demure, girly, simple but elegant and of course, preserved type of person. But now, she changes a lot. Her blonde hair makes her look like a he. Her tattoo is acceptable, “Love Eternally” with an infinity sign between the words. Her tattoo sounds quite okay for me. But so regretful, her hair is a big mess. She is good in the looks of a pure Filipino look. Her attire is like a boyish type of her. She wears boy-thing. Now, I am afraid that she will gradually turn into a he. I hope that she will not.
I wasn’t recovered yet of what happens to Whitney Houston and now, here comes Charice’s new look entirely. It gives me a total shock. I was so shocked. I am not expecting it to be like this.

But eventhough she is like that, I respect her. That is what she likes. That is what she wants. I hope that she will remain humble, the way I knew her before, on that fresh moment that she is in stardom.

Breastfeeding boosts my worth

Eversince I gave birth to my David, I do breast-feed him. I want to nurture my baby perfectly especially during his first year of life.

It is important for us mothers to breastfeed our babies because our milk contains just the right blend of fat, protein and antibodies that help our infant develop and protect him against diseases. There is what we call as the colostrums which carry the needed nutrients that is vital for our babies against harmful sickness and diseases. And the more we do breastfeeding, the more milk we can produce. It is convenient since there is no formula to mix or bottles to wash and we have better supply whenever we go. The most important thing too, I have found out that breastfeeding helps me lose weight. That is what I have observed about myself. I feel like I am healthy. Breastfeeding for me helps me gain more health benefits that I can’t get out from bottle-feeding.

I have seen the power of breastfeeding through my baby and me. It transforms me as well as I gain a lot of health benefits. I am more determined to give my baby the best everyday out from my milk.

Because of my milk, I am happy to have discovered that I am this worthy and capable.

Cecille Ann Gregory, author of this blog

Thursday, March 8, 2012

On Naming Names: About Identical Twins named after NBA Spurs

Just recently, I have read the news about the San Antonio couple, John Paul and Crystal Dennison who initiatively named their identical twins after their favorite NBA Spurs players namely, Duncan (from Tim Duncan) and Parker (from Tony Parker). How sweet to have such names of these personalities!

Indeed, we are like John and Crystal in some ways. We associate naming our children on the characters and the person of the well-known individuals who touched, moved and caused imprints in our lives. Just like my baby whom both my husband and I decided to name him David after the Bible’s personality as David in whom David’s character defines as the kind of a person who is brave. He is strong in facing Solomon, his giant enemy. They had a fight. Luckily, David as a small being defeated the giant Solomon. Because of the triumphant David, it caused their victory in the place.

The strong personality that we have seen in David is the main reason that we named our baby as David because we know that having that name will definitely and positively bring our David into triumphant life. It is the “feel” that would live the person by his name that we have seen makes him a successful person. And that is what we positively believe for our David.

Parents do name their children in a way that the chosen name would carry them to their life’s victory. There is the persona that comes along in naming. But if parents name their children in a way that it will lets them bully or make association of their names with the ugly characters, then that is another story. Probably, they just want that their children will live to struggle a shattered life because of their “ugly” names.

The purpose of naming is to see for real the importance of a person to live his life with the kind of living that he has and the name that he live with for the rest of his life. For me, the way parents name their children is an alarming positives that they need to attain and think deeper into. It is not so easy to just slip away and dropping the lines in naming them in a way that in the later part, they are the ones who regret more to have given such a name for their children. Of course, no one wants to be named as Lucifer. Who would want? Not you. That is for sure. Not me either.

That is why, parents should be particular in giving names to their children. Everyone of us doesn’t want to live in a world where racists and bullying dominates the entire atmosphere because of mistakenly choosing the right names. It is a hard and lifetime struggle for someone to bring a ridiculous name that downs not just his personality but his total being.

One way to name names is to see and scrutinize much deeper the person in a name that parents will imitate wearing to their children. It is not just to slip it all away. The underlying meaning reveals how important and to what reason you give such names to your children as like that. No one wants to be left behind hurt, maltreated and abused because of one’s name.

We are in a democratic state of living. No matter what forms of government we have, what cultures we belong and to what philosophy we believe, still the major aspect of maneuvering to live life is to seek the final and solid quest for a good name. No one wants to hurt each other. No one wants to be stepped on. No one wants to struggle more. No one wants to be bully all the time for the rest of one’s life.

The importance of naming names gives identity. In such a choice, it is never wise to name names using the convicted, terrorists, murderer, evil stereotyped. It is a ridiculous idea to come up with such a name for children.

In order to free from name-bullying and to neglect the cause of name-struggles, it is a must to be in deep thinking when giving names. Who could afford to lose life if in the end struggles can anymore bear? Who would help persons to face without much fears in the world’s judgment because of ridiculous names? Who could help you if you are one of them who are until now suffers in such a struggle? Who else could?

Therefore, naming names are not a joke. It is not faking. It is not mere thinking that it will pass away and no more happens after name-bullying. It is not more about temporary struggles. It is about life and how to live a life free from uncertainties because of naming names.

Well, for John Paul and Crystal Dennison, they just did the right thing to name their identical twins as Parker and Duncan.

Cecille Ann Gregory, author of this blog

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Plastic bottles for my baby?

Do you bottle-feed your babies?

Finding the right bottles for babies is tough for moms. But for me, I choose the right bottle that is not made out of plastic. I prefer the glass bottles for my baby. I am not underestimating the existence of plastic bottles. It is what I believe that when it comes to my baby, I have to give everything that is best for him. I found that glass bottle is better than plastic bottle.

I am neither a scientist nor a chemist but I do believe that plastic baby bottles have chemical content on it. And I think it is toxic. It can harm the health of my baby. In fact, I have tried using plastic bottle before, but I have seen that it shrank. That alone prompts me that I will not use plastic bottle for my baby anymore.
With the obvious evidence that I have seen the shrunk bottle, I researched why is that so. According to the facts that I have gathered, indeed I am never wrong on my personal instinct of believing the appropriate choice of using glass baby bottle is good for babies because the plastic baby bottles do have bisphenol A (BPA) which is used in making plastic products which in the later run expert said that people with the most of the BPA in their body are twice as likely to have heart disease, diabetes and liver abnormalities.

It is very dangerous for babies to suffer such kinds of diseases because of bisphenol A. I don’t want that to happen to my baby. I don’t want that something bad happen to my David because of irresponsible choosing of baby bottle. Thanks God that I am not wrong to use the glass baby bottle for him when I bottle-feed him.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Division of Labor: The Need of Each Other

Who is responsible for each family function? The mother alone, both the mother and the father only, only the eldest son or daughter, consider grandma and grandpa or all of the family members?

These questions are oftentimes starring at all times. They are a fad to all demands especially when one person is just the sole member in the family or two who is the only concern of the works or chores at home, in the offices, in school or in the community.

For me, division of labor is the kind of equal distribution of responsibilities in helping each other to do the job and that not only one person performs a specific task but all should help for the accomplishment and success of a work or goal. It is a must for all but it is the most depleting words at this time, I guess. Its worth has been taken for granted, leaving the soloist to perform all the jobs for the rest of his life.

Now, here goes the bad interest. It is like leaving all the work undone. Many things that need to be fixed, but there you go, you are the certified soloist. Doing all the task at home, in the offices, or anywhere you may be that requires works, it is not proper for others to leave you behind, facing all those mess and keeping them in order. Of course, your body will retire. Your body is not a piece of a joke. You need persons, people and even the community to help each other makes things easier, fast and healthier.

For many, division of labor is void. What one thinks he will do is just the kind of task that he will perform. “Doesn’t care” is not rampant in this kind of system. There is a way of telling everyone that you can do it.

Helping each other needs cooperation. It needs many hands and feet to finish the multiple tasks everyday of our lives. Eventhough the reliance of the workers to do the task for us is available anytime, but still we need each other to share and hand-in-hand work things out. This is what we call division of labor. The distribution of assigned task is well-managed and monitored. There are what we call as communication and cooperation. Communication in a way that the people who do the work need to collaborate with each other for them to know what are their task and how they finish to accomplish the said tasks. Cooperation, they have the value of extending hands with each other, not minding which one should do this but the spirit of common sense and give and take should dominately spread the working atmosphere.

If all the people in accomplishing plans and tasks do the division of labor, then there is harmonious living and there will be no pointing out of who’s who to do the thing or who will be responsible for this or that.

The need of each other is important at all times.

Cecille Ann Gregory, author of this blog

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Importance of Families in the Children’s Lives

Being a mother lets me more now to read about facts pertaining to family life and motherhood. I scanned through numerous references and I went over reading them until I paused for some times on the article that interest my quest on The Importance of Families in the Children’s Lives by Donna Couchenour, Ph. D. and Kent Chrisman, Ed. D.

Three conceptualist theories – bioecological, dialectical and family systems – demonstrate relationships among children, families and communities that are crucial to effective family involvement in early childhood education.

I was struck and disturbed by the words, crucial to effective family life involvement, especially to the word, crucial. Upon too much thinking and reading over the statements, my instinct told me that it is the lack of the duties and responsibilities of families especially to the part of the parents to take active, full support of their schooling children that their too much dependence to the community makes the situation crucial.

It was also viewed that school should be the home to start the molding, encouraging and teaching of children in developing their total being. As what I have observed nowadays, parents rely more and pass all the responsibilities to the community for the growth of their children. Teachers being part of the community and who has the sole obligation to form the children in educating them is the big icon that parents blame if there is something wrong to their children due to their education. It can’t be denied that not all teachers can compensate to give care which parents 100% laid on them for their children. It is the responsibility of the parents to give 101% care to their children and the school is merely an instrument of enhancement of their children’s individual formation of skills.

But because of this rampant problem, teacher being the objects for blames should at least uphold to give quality care and best education for their children. They should have frequent conferences to the parents. Keeping records, portfolios, interactive journals and monitoring sheets of the performance of every learner task them to upgrade their performance in giving quality education. Newsletters or letter indicating the performance of the children should be given to the parents.

Being a parent to 1 year old kid (and many years from now, my child will definitely go to school), I agree that in order to build rapport between the school and home, it is needed that there is connection between them. The continuity of strong home-school bond should not be superficial. Take the active community that in part brings the full support for schooling children, in order not to drop the mess of building relationships that centered on education, the community (teachers) should not deprived to give attachment to parents, instead they bring them altogether to build a harmonious communication in the learning processes. We all need each other. Parents too should not cast away themselves in asking teachers on how well their children perform in school. What is important is the help of each other.

Cecille Ann Gregory, author of this blog

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Lives of the Firemen: Awareness and Risks

The lives of the firemen are not easy. Their works are risky and of course, dangerous. When there’s fire people get out from the burnt house to save themselves, firemen gets in to fight the fire.

Firemen must be alert, healthy and smart. They must undergo and pass the fire drill on their first part of the training as firemen.

Important aspect of being a fireman is to undergo the Basic Rescue Training. Part of the Basic Rescue Training is to introduce different Repelling Styles. It helps them to rescue victims especially in high buildings that only windows are the only left passageway in order to escape from fire.

There are 4 styles of repelling that is important that every fireman should learn. First, the Victim Under Repelling in which the victim is carried by the firemen from the building out through passing the window, both grip the rope. Second, the Standard Jump Repelling, it is done by the firemen in going down through the window without passing the window. Third, The Lizard Style in which the head is the first to positioned in going down using the rope. It is the fastest style that helps the firemen goes down from the top of the building. Fourth, The Australian Walk or the Geneva Style which the firemen walk on the wall of the building to kill the fire.

There is also the type of rope-tying that firemen should know. The Seat Harness Knot safely ties the whole of the lower abdomen of the body that secures they are in a sitting position. This kind of knot-tying safely secures them in going down the building. There is what we also call the Kermantle Rope which this type of knot-tying can support to carry 9,000 lbs or equivalent to 1 big truck.

The Basic Medical Respondence is important in giving help to civilians when there is fire. In order to identify the victim, the firemen placed different colored ribbons in their hands. This process is called the Triage Method. They use color coding. Green Ribbons, the victims suffered Minor Injuries. They can be able to walk. Red Ribbon (First Priority), they are injured, unconscious and they are in life-threatening conditions. Yellow Riboon (Second Priority), they are injured yet conscious. They are not in life-threatening conditions. Black (Last Priority), they are dead.

It has been known that the New York Fire Department is the famous fire station all around the world. But the most number of fire volunteers are in Tokyo, Japan. There are 16,000 volunteers. They have big fire departments and many fire stations also.

There are 3 kinds of fire trucks. The Ladder Truck is used to rescue civilians who are trapped in high buildings. It has telescopic ladder. The Pumper and Tanker Truck carry water to fight smoke and fire. It contains 1,000 gallons of water.  If there is no water in the tank, they get the supply in the Fire Hydrant.

The firemen-on-duty will stay in their bunker. They can sleep there and wait for the signal if there’s fire. Bunker Gear is the outfit of the firemen. The total weight of their gear is 25 kilos in weight if it is dry and 40 kilos if it is wet. That is why, firemen should have lots of body resistance especially that their gear is very heavy.

The Bunker Gear is made out of Noives which is resistant to heat. It is not easily ruined. They also have boots. It is made of hard materials. They should also wear gloves to defend themselves from heat. There is also what we call as SCBA of the Self Contained Breathing Apparatus. It gives air supply for the firemen especially when they fight big smoke. It is placed at their backs. It is helpful for firemen to breath.

There are 3 kinds of helmets. White Helmet, for City Officers, Red Helmet for Officers and Yellow for Non-Officers. The rim of the helmet in front is short. The rim at the back is big in order to protect their heads and backs from falling fire debris.

Firemen’s Rim is created by Jacobus Burk in 1970. High Crowned Rim protects firemen’s head from falling objects. There are also pants which is called the Turnouts. It is called so because the name speaks for itself. Turnouts let them wear in just a second. All firemen’s attire is weighting 60 kilos which measures seem that they are carrying a person.

In order for them to easily get out from their quarter when there are alarms of fire and for them to easily go down from their bunker, they use the fire pole. The Fire Pole is invented by David Kenyon. Imagine if there is no fire pole, it takes more minutes for firemen to use the ladder in going down. By using the fire pole, it takes them only seconds to be on the ground.

Way back in 1648, the system of fighting fire is through Rattle Watch or Bucket Brigade. The firemen are walking from place to place in order to know if there is fire in the place. And because there are no fire trucks, they just use pails, passing them from one person to another until it reaches the end for the last person in the end to throw water to kill the fire. Indeed, it is so tasking and slow. In 1900s, horses carry buckets filled with water. That is equivalent of fire trucks system now.

Fire is unpredictable. That is why, when there is fire, you should remain calm instead of panicking. Your first priority is to go out from the house as much as possible. You should find the right exit when going out.

It has been listed that on May 15, 1845, the tragic fire was experienced in Guangdong, China. Because of its fatal fire infliction, it is recorded as the Worst Single Building Fire. The main reason for the cause of fire is gas exhortation which lost 1,670 casualties.

The main cause of deaths due to fire is smoke inhalation. It is best to drop and crawl on the floor when there is fire for in the lower ground, there is the presence of 1 foot availability of air for you to breath. When there is fire, the hot air will be present up the surrounding house or establishment and the warm air remains below. That is why you need to drop for you to inhale the warm air down.

Never go to the comfort room. It is a false advice that when there is fire, you should go to the comfort room because there is water there. But the smoke will get inside the comfort room. It will cause you to be trapped out from your escape.

It is a must that homes should have fire extinguisher. Fire Extinguisher is invented by George Manby. Before it was made of Copper Cylinder that contains 3 gallons of water. Now, there are many types and forms of fire extinguisher.

You should remember to do these important things when there is fire.

*If the fire is cause by electrical wiring, then turn down the main electrical switch to avoid much fire.
*If your clothes are burn, directly do the 3 things: Stop, Drop and Roll.
*To avoid fire, remember to avoid electrical loading
*Unplug the appliances after using
*Matches and lighters should be kept away from children’s reach
*Never leave lighted candles unattended.

We need to be careful in all ways and means. Fire can result and happen anytime of our lives. But in order to prevent and avoid such fatal incident, it is better to keep all things that can create cause of fire.

Our life is important. We should be preventive, careful and alert all the time. Still, prevention is the best policy.

Cecille Ann Gregory, writer of this blog

Friday, March 2, 2012

Wallet: Great Storage

I am more secured and at ease whenever my important personal items are placed in the right storage. Just like this wallet that my friend gave me last Christmas. It keeps all my big accounts safely. I don’t have to worry of my personal cards if they will be misplaced because I can easily locate them right in the little compartments of my wallet.
The wallet is separated purposely. There is a space for paper money, coins and important cards. Plus, I can leave my identity inserting pictures in the front part of it. It is handy and light. It is durably made of leather. That is why, I am confident that it will not surrender under my care.

This sophisticated wallet simply helps my life to be secured. It leaves no space for worrying because I can have my little cards anywhere I go. My wallet is just simply amazing!

Small business owner

Thanks for the guest post by Esteban Vinson

I work for a very large school system. My boss just decided to retire and open a hair salon for women only. She wants me to go with her and run the business for her. She thinks we can make a lot of money. I told her I would consider it. I think I am going to start working for her on the side to help her start things up, and then when the business get rolling I will go to work for her full time if she can afford to pay me enough. She already has the building for the hair salon. I told her to set up her electricity through business energy to find the best deal. Then we have to find a vendor with the best prices for hair products. The building already has the chairs for each station. There used to be another salon where this one is going to be located. Finally we have to hire beauticians that have been formally trained so that we can have a very high quality hair salon. I am sure that we will also hire someone to have a section to do nails. And we must not forget about the section to have a makeup artist that people can learn how to use makeup or to have their makeup done for a special occasion. My boss and I have talked about this for a long time. I think this is going to be a good business venture for both of us.

Daring, Slim, Sexy Shirt

I am obsessed of dresses and sexy clothing. The taste of what I define elegance is the simplicity of the style and the kind of cloth. Just like this stylish mixture of colors and the strokes of art of my shirt are elegantly perfect for my sexy, daring but simple appeal.

What impresses of wearing this shirt is the artistic lines with combinations of red, black, and blue which are perfectly placed in its lines. It is captivating to the eyes that the crowds can easily capture the attention that my shirt is implying. Thus, if you are quite fat, the lines and colors interplay to help you appear slim and sexy. It hides the fats, as in totally making you look slimmer. The plunging art of the clothes lets expose your skin. It is really appealing. I am sure that wearing this, makes us all perfectly sexy.

This is the front view of the shirt. As you can see, there is a drop of part that is fitted to your shoulder which reveals your skin. Wearing this makes you feel healthy and invigorating because of the drop that adds beauty for your get-up.

The rear side views the plunging balance of the part of the other drop of the part of your shoulder. The back is sexy and enticing. If you are having a problem with your posture, this shirt solves the insecurity. You will not be seen so obvious in the rear side if you have problem with your upper body posture.

At the end of its cut in the lower part of the shirt sticks tight. It is not soft. The border grips to your body like a lock. That is why, it will not leave you look hanging. No sweat will accumulates in your entire body because the cloth is made purely of polyester? Cotton, silk, etc. (type of cloth)

To embrace being healthy is to wear healthier clothes that uplifts the level of your confidence everytime, everywhere. Well, I just did!

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